About the Rodenta Dental Clinic

Rodenta SRL offers you complex dental treatments from the entire ambulatory dental scope, as well as an artistic experience. Rodenta team invites you to its new downtown office to see how utility combines with beauty.

About Us

Rodenta Clinic is the ideal support for any sort of dental issue!

Teeth evolve and interact in symbiosis with your oral environment. It is therefore an imperative necessity to undergo global and efficient dental treatments. Our philosophy is to provide our patients with multiple dental skills, physicians with various specializations, their major concern being the “restoration” of every patient’s smile.

Strict hygiene rules are systematically applied, and the rooms are designed so as to limit the contact to the exterior as much as possible, by means of professional floors, disinfectants that guarantee the 100% elimination of possible bacterial germs.

Sterilization:  All instruments are subject to a complete treatment (decontamination, ultrasound cleaning, high-temperature washing) prior to their sterilization in tightly sealed disposable packages.

The dentist phobia, the uncontrollable fear of seeing the dentist generates a progressive deterioration of the oral cavity, by the appearance of multiple caries, gum diseases and periodontal disorders. The next step is the installation of pains and infections, followed by dental abscesses and cysts.

This leads to the partial or total loss of teeth with the vital risk of distance infections, as well as focused diseases that may alter organs such as the brain, heart or kidney.

We are not all equal to pain, as it is the result of physiologic and psychological factors. Rodenta Clinic offers a variety of treatments under anaesthesia, providing safety and comfort.

Therefore, paying a visit at our clinic on a periodical basis is necessary, and so is a timely treatment, in order to prevent all these diseases and regain the strength and the beauty of your teeth.

Our medical offices are equipped with state-of-the-art appliances so we may achieve the most efficient works in porcelain, composite material or superior alloys. The range of dental services includes orthodontics and periodontics treatments, maxillofacial surgery, implantology, treatments for the prevention and cure of oral cavity diseases, as well as dental cosmetics (teeth whitening procedures) using the latest methods and dental procedures. Our medical office provides dental services and orthodontic equipment for both children and adults.

Dental assistance may be supplied based on a monthly or annual subscription*, such a subscription including the therapy and prophylaxis of oral cavity Subscribers benefit from discounts for works of dental prosthetics.

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Rodenta Dentistry Clinic

Cabinetul nostru este dotat in mod profesional


  • Four dental offices
  • One dental radiology office
  • Two waiting rooms with temporary art exhibitions.
  • Surgery
  • Post-surgery room
  • Sterilization room
  • Complete radiological equipment

Dental office

The dental clinic makes an outstanding impression from the very moment you cross its threshold by its warm and elegant environment.

The medical office operates in a building located in the central area of Bucharest, and it has been arranged so as to resemble an art gallery, which periodically hosts exhibitions of paintings, graphics, watercolour and book graphics, as we are convinced that this is an additional attraction beside the medical services provided by Rodenta Clinic.

Dental Practitioners

The activity in our offices is carried out by a team made of dentists specialized in prosthetics, endodontics, parodontology, dental cosmetics, assisted by medical professionals with excellent expertise.

Our physicians have a vast experience in the field, and our team includes both university professors and very well-trained young dentists.